As CYBF Youth Entrepreneurs we were invited to participate in the Entrepreneur Roundtable for Manitoba, that took place last month. Similar roundtables were held all across Canada with a goal to bring Canada’s best and brightest young entrepreneurs together with business leaders, policy makers, educators, non-profit leaders and others to share their knowledge, personal experiences and recommendations for expanding youth entrepreneurship across Canada.

The goal of the event was to gather feedback from each region of Canada, that will be used to create a coordinated an action plan to help build and fully leverage the conditions for entrepreneurial success.

One idea that seemed to strongly emerge from the Manitoba group was that people, especially young people, are not properly educated about the possibility of becoming an entrepreneur. While there is a focus on trades, and other industries, most of us felt we had to discover entrepreneurship on our own, or like us here at ZenFri, fell into it through trying to fulfill another objective.

Overall the discussion was interesting and hopeful, as there is a surprising amount of passionate, smart and focused young entrepreneurs working away right here in Winnipeg.