On August 25th we announced that our recently released game Clandestine: Anomaly, was nominated at The Tech Expo in London for “Most Innovative use of Augmented Reality 2015.”

Since then Corey has manage to snag a place on an AR vs VR planel focused on which technology will be more dominate in the future.  The panel is organized by Steve Dann, the CEO of Amplified Robot. We’re not sure yet who else is on the panel but we’re really excited to have a more active role in the conference!


To prime himself for this panel, Corey decided to jot down his high-level thoughts on the subject:

“When it comes to AR vs VR though I’m medium agnostic, I see them both as equally valid tools with different strengths and weaknesses applicable to different situations. I’ve personally made films, written story, poems and produced plays and I’m now working in gaming. I do this because no one medium can do everything, and there are unique opportunities for expression in working in many different mediums.

Determining which technology a creator should use is more about what they want to do; the type of story, app or experience they want to achieve.

For me, the key difference between AR and VR are simple. Basically, VR works to transport you into a fully artificial environment, almost a dream state…which has deep potential. AR on the other hand transforms the existing world, merging reality with the digital. They’re related technologies, but I think their applications are totally different, more different than film is to TV and those co-exist.

However when it comes to which will be more widely used, and have a bigger impact on our every day lives, I think AR has broader applications, it’s more like a swiss army knife that helps you cut through real world obstacles.”

See you in London.