Clandestine Anomaly

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Clandestine: Anomaly

Project: Clandestine: Anomaly
Project Leads: Corey King (Producer, Writer, Designer) and Dee King (Producer)
Augmented Reality Tower Defense Game — Digital


Clandestine Anomaly is an Augmented Reality sci-fi Mobile Game released in 2015 to Android and Apple. The app was developed in Winnipeg, Canada.

Your phone is hacked by an unknown source. Breaking into your system, they reveal their ship is on a collision course with your neighbourhood. They need your help to avoid catastrophe. Failure will wipe out your entire community… or worse. In this innovative tower tactics game, you use location-based augmented reality (AR) to transform your neighbourhood into the backdrop for an sci-fi epic. This award-winning mobile experience will place you in the center of a hidden intergalactic conflict.


  • Tower Tactics: Unlock, upgrade and deploy units to defend your backyard, reveal enemy positions and destroy the tears in space-time that threaten the entire planet.
  • Location-Based AR: Using state-of-the-art mobile augmented reality, your neighbourhood is transformed, immersing you in the action.
  • Rich Story: Reveal the secrets of a hidden inter-galactic war and learn humanity’s true place in the universe by taking center stage in a deep sci-fi universe.
  • Play Anywhere: Tactical domination from anywhere in the world or take to the front lines at real GPS locations to call in powerful airstrikes.
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