Clandestine: Anomaly is coming soon. The excitement here at ZenFri is palatable.

Unlike certain videos released on the internet this week, Clandestine is not a special effects heavy proof-of-concept video showing what an AR game may or may not be like years from now. As this is written, the game is undergoing extensive focus testing and is moving rapidly into the polish and refinement stage of development. It is build on technology already available in millions of people’s pockets, and it pushes those device’s sensors and processors to their limits. When it comes to AR on current mobile devices, we believe the experience we’ve crafted is second to none.

While we haven’t announced a release date yet, our upcoming talk at Inside AR San Francisco (May 20th-21st) is a good hint at whereabouts in 2015 we’re planning to launch.

InsideAR Munich

As a sequel to the talk we did at InsideAR Munich, Corey will open up the hood on Clandestine to discuss the lessons learned and approaches to design taken in-order to create a game that can be played in any neighbourhood in the world.

The snow here in Winnipeg has already melted, and an unseasonably warm March has created the ideal conditions to go into the final stages of polish. It’s almost as if the weather is a harbinger of our impending release, and the intergalactic conflict it brings with it.

Specific details on the final form of the game are coming soon. Get ready.