Along with our recent Kickstarter launch, we released a few videos to give you all a better sense of what Clandestine: Anomaly is all about. Using technologies like state of the art Augmented Reality, we’ve found it very difficult to explain with words what makes our game unqiue, so we’ll let these videos do the talking:

Tech Demo

This video highlights the amazing technology that makes Clandestine: Anomaly happen. Using Unity3D, Metaio and our own custom code we’ve taken AR to the next level. Winnipeg startup Evodant Interactive was critical in getting the tech to work as well as it does.

Rough Opening Cinematic

For us story is king. Our goal for Clandestine is to figure out how to create a compelling narrative experience were the player is the main character and the story literally takes place everywhere.

This cinematic shows the “mayday hail” from an alien vessel that draws the player into the story world.

Game Expanding Merchandise

While the game can be played by anyone, anywhere with just a download, we’ve developed unique pieces of game expanding merchandise that while not required add to the and change as the player progresses through the story.

Concept Art Reel

We were lucky to have some amazing artists work with us during the early development of the game. This clip highlights just some of that art and is accompanied by the game’s theme music developed by Regina’s Talking Dog Studies.