Your phone is hacked by mysterious and advanced alien technology, thrusting you into the middle of an inter-galactic war. Though you possess no training, no experience, zero authorization and no skills that can help you navigate through the interstellar struggle, your involvement is paramount to deciphering the clues in your immediate area and beyond. Unraveling a multi-dimensional mystery, it’s up to you to act.


Last week, despite the chilly Winnipeg wind, Corey, Danielle and I walked over to our offices local park to film some footage to be used in Clandestine: Anomaly‘s first teaser trailer.  Although our hands were frozen, we spent a solid hour shooting footage to be used in the live action parts of the teaser. The other parts mark the reveal of our beautiful cinematics as well as the voice of Nuncio.

Clandestine: Anomaly – Teaser Trailer: staring yours truly and everyone’s favourite Sigmec Probe – Nuncio!