Cinemental 25 — AR Scavenger Hunt App

Cinémental 25

Project: Cinémental 25
Project Lead: Corey King (Designer, Writer, PM), Danielle King (Artist)
Contracting Company: Cinémental Festival in Winnipeg, Manitoba
Augmented Reality App / Local Educational Experience— Digital


To celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Cinémental, Manitoba’s premiere Festival of French Language Films, we’re doing something a little different.

While many festivals have event apps that help you find screenings and book tickets, the “Cinémental 25” App goes beyond that by featuring a unique, location-based poster hunting game that will tell the story of our festival year by year from locations around Winnipeg that impacted us most.

Part interactive history book, part tour of the city, this app comes jam-packed with content taken from deep in our archives that can be discovered from over 30 locations.

Cinémental 25 — AR Scavenger Hunt App Press Release

Augmented Reality App celebrating the Cinémental films festival’s 25th anniversary showcases Winnipeg’s deep history and collaborative spirit.

Winnipeg, Manitoba (October 13th 2016) — With the full release of the “Cinémental 25” App rolling out today, users in Winnipeg can participate in a city-wide augmented reality (AR) scavenger hunt honouring not only the 25th anniversary of the Cinémental film festival, but Winnipeg’s rich history and deeply collaborative spirit.

Nearly 30 local organizations, ranging from museums, malls, movie theaters and libraries to cathedrals, film studios and restaurants, all are participating in this innovative location-based experience. The App takes users on a tour of some of Manitoba’s greatest landmarks, like the Esplanade Riel walking bridge, historical sites like the Saint-Boniface Museum and Gabrielle Roy House, and all in honor of Manitoba’s rich cultural heritage.

Built as a collaboration between pioneering creative firm ZenFri Inc., and VR start-up Bit Space Development, the App not only shows how Winnipeg firms can achieve innovative ends by working together, but how a wide variety of organizations across the city are eager to participate in cutting-edge projects.

“This is a project we took on as something of an experiment,” said ZenFri’s Chief Executive Artist, Corey King, “Could we make something on a low budget that had a really high impact, something that was cool and unique, but that also brought many elements of the city together.”

With this experiment the developers hope to drive traffic to businesses and present a new type of digital technology and scavenger hunt game that can attract people to places they may not otherwise go.

The project was also unique for how it merged Franco-Manitoban cultural institutions with some of this city’s top innovative anglos — a first for the developers.

“We believe the future of this city is brightest when we take our innovative energy and use it on projects that cross institutional, cultural, and language boundaries,” Corey continued. “We’re trying to prove Winnipeg can be a great place to innovative; that innovation doesn’t have to be costly and while we’re at it we’re also hoping to showcase the rich cultural history that surrounds us, but that many of us don’t notice.”

Participants will have the chance to win 2 passes and 2 pairs of tickets for the 2016 festival, and 2 passes for the 2017 festival, with more chances for every 5 locations they uncover.

The free app is available on Google Play and the AppStore. The scavenger hunt will be available until October 28th, at which time it will be updated so that everyone can experience the complete App from anywhere.

Check out for more details.

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