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The Last Taxi – The First Days of Greenlight

Thank you so much for your support of our next title The Last Taxi. The amount of positive feedback we’ve received here on Greenlight and across the internet has had a major impact on our team. We dig that you’ve... Read More

Announcing – The Last Taxi – (PC)

In an age of automation, you are the last human taxi driver. The hours are long, and the pay is terrible. You must resist obsolescence. The Last Taxi is a multi-tasking cab-venture set in a quirky dystopian future. Featuring a... Read More

Now Available on Android

  Great news! It’s out on GooglePlay! ZenFri and thew Clandestine: Anomaly team are proud to bring you Clandestine: Anomaly for Android devices! We’ve taken a little extra time and care to insure the best experience possible for all the players using... Read More

Clandestine: Buzz – June 1st – 12th

The office is bustling as we approach the release of Clandestine: Anomaly! After weeks of staying late, and coming in on Sundays to apply those final touches, C:A has been submitted to Apple for review! But, we’re not the only... Read More

Meet the Interns!

“Get me my coffee!” said no one. Here at ZenFri it’s part of our core philosophy to give back to the community in which we live. We believe that providing internships, mentorships, and other collaborative opportunities is not only socially... Read More

ZenFri Careers

We’re building unique and interesting experiences! To help us accomplish this goal we’re currently looking for passionate, creative and motivated people who are driven to bring innovative and unique interactive stories to audiences worldwide. Interested and qualified candidates are invited... Read More

Struggles With Paint 3

I never thought I’d be working a hazardous or dangerous job. It just never occurred to me. I understand that every job has some sort of danger involved, so let’s ignore the slips, fall from heights, or get hit by... Read More