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Is The Last Taxi still in development? A Project Update

It has been quite some time since we talked about our current game project, The Last Taxi. The last update that talked in any detail about the project was posted way back in November 2015! That was so long ago that fans on... Read More

Looking Back On A Year of Clandestine Anomaly

This week marks the 1 year anniversary of Clandestine Anomaly‘s launch on the iOS AppStore. Our first bold step into interactive entertainment started with a simple and in many ways naive idea to create a sic-fi epic that turned the... Read More

New ZenFri Office

It all started several years ago by converting our entire living room of our cozy 1-bedroom apartment into a office. In 2012, we upgraded to a basement office surrounded by massage therapists, chiropractors and hot yoga gurus. It was a... Read More

More Photos from Schism

In case you didn’t catch it amidst all the updates about Clandestine: Anomaly, we finished shooting Schism. Since we didn’t have time to release more than a handful of photos immediately following the completion of Principal Photography, we felt now was as good a... Read More

A Touch of Story

Our third Production Diary is called “A Touch of Story”. In this diary Corey discusses our approach to creating a sci-fi epic that takes place everywhere, details the opening moments of the game and gives a sneak peek at a... Read More

Nanos, Parts and Arrays

This is our second Production Diary for Clandestine: Anomaly and features Nanos, Parts and Arrays; the fundamental building blocks of the game. These items are what allow you to custom create a wide variety of offensive, defensive and utility units. The... Read More

Production Diary – Designing the Deadbolt

We’d like to share with you some of the design process we went through to create the unique world of Clandestine: Anomaly. For our first Production Diary we’re focusing on the Navita Deadbolt. By the time it was put in-game,... Read More

Wrap on Schism

On May 4th and 5th we finally got our short film Schism through principal photography. The long 34 hour weekend was a challenge, but we were fortunate enough to have one of the most professional crews we’d ever worked with — insuring our successful. This... Read More