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“Artist Driven Company” Interview

Our friend and local media artist Graeme Csath dropped by a couple of weeks ago to ask us some questions about our company, how we work, and Clandestine: Anomaly. Interview by Graeme...... Read More

Upcoming Screening

We are pleased to announce that Infinite Struggles will be playing at the $100 Film Festival in Calgary, Alberta — March 8 – 10, 2012. This is our 8th screening/exhibition...... Read More

Upcoming Events

It would seem that Infinite Struggles is the project that keeps on giving. Having swiftly become our most successful project to date, Struggles has finally broken provincial lines being screened in Toronto later...... Read More

Infinite Struggles Screening at Gimli

ZenFri’s most recent major work, Infinite Struggles, will soon surpass the public screening record of any other film we’ve produced, when its shown again this July at the Gimli Film Festival. Currently...... Read More

Infinite Struggles Plays WFG Membership Screening

We’re pleased to announce that “Infinite Struggles” will be at this year’s Winnipeg Film Group Membership Screening. The Screening will take place on Sunday, June 12; doors open at 7:00...... Read More

Struggles With Paint 4

On Friday April 29th, we were awarded Best Animation for Infinite Struggles in the University of Winnipeg Film Festival. I must say that it was a surprising and welcoming experience...... Read More

ZenFri Wins Three Awards at U of Winnipeg Film Fest

We’re very pleased to report that ZenFri won three awards at Friday night’s University of Winnipeg Film Festival. With a company record of eight nominations leading up to an awards...... Read More

ZenFri Receives 8 Nominations at U of W Film Fest

This will be the last year ZenFri’s team is eligible to compete at the University of Winnipeg Film Fest, but it’s shaping up to be our best year thus far...... Read More

Infinite Struggles screening in Winnipeg.

We’ve been quietly working on a re-edited and re-mastered version of the gallery piece Infinite Struggles of Man that’s better suited for a cinema-style viewing. This re-mastered version titled Infinite...... Read More

Opening Night Success: Infinite Struggles of Man

Thanks to everyone for coming out to celebrate the opening of Infinite Struggles of Man with us last night. During the peak traffic period, it got very loud and squished...... Read More