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Danielle’s work at the Manitoba Society of Artists’ OJCE 2017

For the third year in a row (2016, 2015), our co-founder Danielle showcased some of the more traditional work we do here at ZenFri with a piece on display at this year’s Manitoba Society of Artists‘ Open Juried Competition and Exhibition (OJCE). While... Read More

Other Creative Adventures – “Maintaining an Edge with Creative Side Projects”

We strive in everything we do to create engaging and innovative experiences believing that if we keep making great things and keep learning from our mistakes, we will succeed.  In our efforts to constantly improve ourselves, we strive first and foremost... Read More

Other Creative Adventures – “Not Your Typical Creative Studio”

As we discussed briefly last year, ZenFri is not your conventional creative studio, and despite what our social feeds and updates may, justifiably, lead you to believe, we don’t consider ourselves a game studio either. We’re storytellers, who continue to work... Read More

There is a reason we don’t call ourselves a Game Studio

If you’ve been following our efforts here at ZenFri over the last few years you may have come to the conclusion that we’re strictly a game studio. We’ve even had people argue this sentiment to us. However, if “Game Studio”... Read More


Danielle King has been keeping a journal of digital collage, photography and artwork. Potato Chip Sandwich refers to her mother’s favourite sandwich as a child; peanut butter and plain potato chips between bread. This whimsical sandwich was the perfect title... Read More

New Artwork: Astronaut 2 Complete

Astronaut #2 — 21.5”x22” — Watercolour... Read More

New Artwork: Astronaut 2

[Almost Complete] — “Astronaut 2”, Watercolour 300lb, 21×22... Read More

New Artwork: Astronaut

Astronaut – Watercolour – 22×30... Read More