Once again we’ve teamed up with New Media Manitoba to bring a unique event to local new media and creative talents. On this outing we’re thrilled to be bringing the fabulous and talented TV and video games writer, Elize Morgan (Orphan Black, Disney Magic Kingdoms, Gameloft) to Winnipeg to lead an Interactive Narrative Bootcamp.

The Bootcamp runs this Saturday February 25th and Sunday the 26th from 9:00am to 5:00pm. Full details on the Bootcamp can be found here.

Interactive Narrative Bootcamp

We look forward to meeting a bunch of talented writers this weekend!

Why We’re Collaborating on This Bootcamp

Storytelling is something that’s very central to our company. Having worked in a variety of mediums  and genres we know that Winnipeg has an abundance of talented writers and storytellers, many of whom may have a unique perspective that can enrich the video games and non-linear narrative experience produced locally.

This brings us to another reason we helped put this course together, which is to help train a diverse writing team in interactive writing for The Last Taxi. With the The Last Taxi we’re hoping each passenger can act as a short story within a larger world. We want each of these passengers to have a unique voice and perspective on the future. To accomplish this, our goal is to build a diverse writing team that will allow Last Taxi to feel more like a cross-cultural tapestry of voices.

Early Passenger Thumbnails for "The Last Taxi"

Early Passenger Thumbnails for “The Last Taxi”

The problem with this goal however, is that while Winnipeg is chock-full of talented writers, there are few interactive writers. Therefore, this Interactive Narrative Bootcamp is also part of our attempt to bring new voices into gaming, and with the hope to train some writers for The Last Taxi.

So if you’re an experienced storyteller interested in writing for The Last Taxi and are free this weekend, drop us a line.

A Big Thanks

As with most events of this type, they’d not be possible without community support.


Thanks to the collaboration with New Media Manitoba, and with the support of Film Training Manitoba and Red River Collage for help making this course happen. Together we hope to bring Winnipeg’s finest writing talent into the interactive space.