Corey just got back from the 4th Annual Augmented World Expo (AWE) in Santa Clara, California. The Expo is the world’s largest gathering of Augmented Reality technologies, companies and enthusiasts. This year was the Expo’s largest, with a 40% attendance increase, and an expanded Expo Hall.

This is ZenFri’s first year at AWE, and we were fortunate enough to share a booth with Metaio (the AR platform we’re building our game with), present as a speaker on story and design, and be nominated for an Auggie Award.

Here is an interview Corey did at the AWE2013:

Path to an Augmented World

Being at the Expo, a couple of things were very clear about the state of the industry. For starters, Google glass is going to face stiff competition over the next few years from both established and start-up companies, as many advanced, wearable technology was present at the show.

Secondly, though there is an admission by the industry that it needs to grow and change before it can become mainstream, the growth in talent and interest in AR is rapidly maturing, as more diverse fields than ever before were represented at the Expo. Seeing this type of expansion is a good indicator of where things are moving.

The final thing we noticed was the industry, was coming to terms with the idea that it needs storytellers to help the tech break into the mainstream. This was the whole focus of Corey’s talk, but the concept came up throughout the Expo. We feel very fortunate to have arrived on the scene when we did, with a road map to getting narrative into AR.

Worth the Flight

In an expo filled with visionaries, our game and approach to the tech stood out. Our talk garnered a lot of buzz, and our demo literally had many AR aficionados grabbing their friends and colleagues to take a look at what we’ve accomplished. This led us up the grapevine, helping us to connect with some high profile industry talents.

We’ll post the video of Corey’s presentation as soon as it’s available.

Here’s a video of Metaio’s Trak Lord talking about the Expo’s growth, and at about 7 minutes in, he talks about our game which is representative of the overall impression we left at the show: