This week we spent a few days at All Access where for the first time Manitoba’s film and broadcast scene mixed and mingled with some folks from the interactive space in a business-oriented environment. It was a unique experience that undercut both the stark differences in the industries and the need to work together to keep local content relevant.

We were fortunate enough to be part of the growing choir of interactive voices with sessions on VR, the panel about the Creation Lab, and the Interactive Showcase which shared local innovative interactive technologies. It all took up a surprisingly large position of the conference that’s been traditionally focused on film and broadcasting.

As we mentioned in our last update, ZenFri was fortunate to be represented on the Creation Lab panel, and in the Interactive Showcase.

Here are some images from the event:

New Media and OnScreen Opening Remarks

New Distribution Model Talk

All Access Recap Cover

Corey on the Big Screen

The chief technology where it seems these industries are destined to collide and merge is around the narrative VR space. More than a few local companies are already popping up to fill this nexus point. Even we have something brewing in the VR film space, which we’re actively exploring in collaboration with some local film producers and VR companies.

As a company with a history in film and experience in cutting-edge interactive experiences, we feel fortunate to be helping lead the charge in bringing these two local industries together. For us, the conference brought a lot of great insights about the current film and broadcast landscape, helping us gage interest in own VR projects.

It’s exciting days ahead for Manitoba content creators and distributors.