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We’re an innovative and award-winning Creative Arts & Entertainment company based in Winnipeg. Our goal is to tell unique stories in interesting ways, bringing best-in-class experiences to audiences around the world. In this quest we’ve created cutting edge content across a range of mediums including film, visual art, video games and literature. Currently, we’re in development on a number of ambitious interactive and traditional media projects including some very exciting augmented and virtual reality experiences.

Our largest completed project to-date is the innovative, location-based augmented reality tower-strategy game, Clandestine: AnomalyClandestine: Anomaly was nominated for 2 Canadian Video Game Awards related to innovation and technology, and has earned awards and recognition at conferences around the world.



Grants, Honours & Awards

Talks & Presentations

Video & Radio Apperances


Art Shows & Screenings

  • Group Show: Artists Showcase, Mona Lisa Ristorante, July/August 2016
  • Group Show: Caked with Love, July 2016
  • Group Show: The Fresh Art Show, June 2016
  • Group Show: Art in the Park, June 2016
  • Group Show: Great West Life, May/June 2016
  • Group Show: Small Papers Show, May 2016
  • Group Show: Forum Art Fair, November 2015
  • Group Show: Art From the Heart Show and Sale, November 2015
  • Open Juried Gallery Exhibition: Visual Art “Mirrored Mask”, Manitoba Society of Artists’ Open Juried Competition and Exhibition Art Show, June-September 2015
  • Group Show: Affordable Art Sale, November 2014
  • Group Show: Scattered Seeds, October 2014
  • Art Publication: “Creative Hiding”, “Moon Drop” and “Dreamed Presence”, Rip/Torn Collective Vol. 4, September 2014
  • Group Show: Artwork, Affordable Art Sale, Forum Art Centre, November 2013
  • Group Show: Artwork, Artist’s Village, Forum Art Centre, June 2013
  • Group Show: “Infinite Stuggles of Man”, A Taste of Art Show, 2012
  • Screening: “Infinite Struggles”, $100 Film Festival, Calgary 2012
  • Screening: “Infinite Struggles”, aluCine Film Festival, Toronto 2011
  • Group Show: “Obstruction Series”, Art From the Heart Show and Sale, Winnipeg 2011
  • Screening: “Infinite Struggles”, Hell of Silence, Winnipeg 2011
  • Screening: “Infinite Struggles”, Gimli Film Festival, 2011
  • Screening: “Infinite Struggles”, Winnipeg Film Group Membership Premiere, 2011
  • Screening: “Anniversary”, University of Manitoba Film Festival, June 2011
  • Screening: “Infinite Struggles”, University of Manitoba Film Festival, June 2011
  • Solo Gallery Show: “Infinite Struggles of Man”, GoSA, 2010
  • Screening: Long Lost Lovers, University of Winnipeg Film Festival, June 2009
  • Screening: “Bye/Die Brother”, Winnipeg Short Film Massacre, 2009
  • Screening: “Attenuate”, 48 hour Film Festival, 2009
  • Screening: “Bye/Die Brother”, University of Winnipeg Film Festival, 2008
  • Screening: “Bye/Die Brother”, Manitoba Creativity Contest – Film, May 2008

Research & Publications

Research Projects

  • 3D scene analysis and semantic labeling for augmented reality in mobile applications, NSERC Engage, with University of Manitoba, 2014
  • Computer vision 3D environment recognition in augmented reality mobile games, MITACS Accelerate, with University of Manitoba, 2014
  • Dynamics between consumers and augmented reality, MITACS Accelerate, with University of Manitoba, 2014
  • Middleware-Layer for Mobile Game Architecture, MITACS Accelerate, with University of Saskatchewan, 2013
  • Evaluating Player Empathy and Narratives with New Media Interactive Characters, NSERC Engage, with University of Manitoba, 2012


  • Academic Research Paper: “Poor Thing! Would You Feel Sorry for a Simulated Robot? -A comparison of empathy toward a physical and a simulated robot”, ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction (HRI 2015), as “Corey King Co-Author”.
  • Art Publication: Creative Hiding, Moon Drop and Dreamed Presence, by Danielle King, Rip/Torn Collective Vol. 4, September 2014, by Danielle King
  • Short Story: “Fountain of My Youth”, Leaf Garden Issue 9, May 2010, by Corey King
  • Short Stories/Poems: “Fried Brains and Sam: Notes from Purgatories Hardest Working Chump,” The Manitoban, 13 Part Series, and other works of short fiction from 2009-2010, by Corey King
  • Journalism: “Entering the ‘real world’ my parents warned me about,” Winnipeg Free Press – A View from the West, December 10, 2009, by Corey King
  • Journalism: Over 25 Articles in The Manitoban, From 2008-2010 by Corey King
  • Journalism: “Gas Prices — let them soar, let them soar, let them soar”, Winnipeg Free Press – A View from the West, April 30th 2008, by Corey King
  • Journalism: “Minimum wage punishes hard work, loyalty,” Winnipeg Free Press “A View from the West”, April 2, 2008, by Corey King
  • Poem: “My Favorite Mascot”, The Maelstrom – Issue 1, February 8, 2008, by Corey King